With Spear Security, Denver Residents Find Top-Notch Protection

In Denver, security guard services come no better than Spear Security. As the most trusted name in security management since 1994, Spear Security provides security management, corporate services and a renowned courtesy patrol that is frequently praised for their thoroughness and affordability.

Thanks to our meticulous preparation, rapid response, and commitment to discretion for every client, with Spear Security, Denver residents have come to expect professionalism that is unprecedented throughout Colorado. That's why it should come as no surprise that various high-profile corporate clients in need of security services in Denver count on us to provide invaluable protection against any threats that could disrupt an event or high-stakes meeting.

As a fully insured, licensed, and qualified security company, we offer peace-of-mind to clients who have far too much on their minds to worry about security issues. They trust our trained security personnel and state-of-the-art, high-tech resources to provide the sort of first-rate security that ensure their loved ones, property and associates are always protected.

Of course, most high-profile clients don't simply require effective results, but also exceptional professionalism. At Spear Security, we keep our clients feeling comfortable, safe, and respected at all times. There will never be an atmosphere of discomfort or hostility. Quite the contrary, our intelligent team is always friendly and communicative at all times. For special events, as well as patrol of retail spaces, industrial warehouses, condominiums and apartment complexes, restricted commercial areas, hospitals, schools and nearly anywhere else where top-notch security is required, Spear Security is sure to offer the best protection in Colorado.