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 press  "Vandals Taking Advantage of Events Distracting Law Enforcement Highlights Need for Private Security, says Spear Security"
July 23, 2020
 press  "Professional Security is the Key to Avoiding Petty but Expensive Trouble, says Spear Security"
April 14, 2020
 press  "General Security Services Could Have Prevented Disgruntled Thespian's Vandalism, says Spear Security Inc."
Dec. 24, 2019
 press  "Vandalism at University Highlights Need for All-Hours Security, Says Spear Security Inc."
Sept. 27, 2019
 city room  "Defacement of War of 1812 Memorials Highlights Need for Professional Security, says Spear Security Inc."
Aug. 15, 2019
 great american financial  "String of NYC Burglaries Evidences the Need for Security Personnel, says Spear Security"
April 01, 2019
 Phoenix Business journal  "String of Robberies Illustrate Security Challenges for Business Retailers Large and Small, says Spear Security Inc."
Jan 24, 2019
 Pacific Business News 1  "Denver Security Guard Benefits Underlined by at Large Theft Suspects, says Spear Security Inc."
May 9, 2018

miami-herald 9 "Security Guard and Alcohol Policy Changes on Roaring Fork Area Transit Underline the Ever Shifting Safety Landscape for Organizations, says Spear Security Inc."
February 28, 2018

 miami-herald 9  "Columbus Hotel Incident Points Out the Challenges of Providing Security in Venues Open to the Public, says Spear Security Inc."
October 06, 2017

silliconvalley 5 "Vail Musical Bear Break-In Underlines the Challenges Facing Today’s Security Professionals, says Spear Security Inc."
June 16, 2017

kvor740 "Denver Zoo Trespassing Incident Underlines the Need for Customized Security Services at Institutions Large and Small, says Spear Security Inc."
April 12, 2017

startelegram "Security Tips Highlight the Benefits of a Professional Agency, Notes Spear Security Inc. "
January 13, 2017

 sacramento-bee  "Crime Prevention Tips Highlight the Importance of Relying on the Best Security Services, notes Spear Security Inc.
November 07, 2016

Media "Article on Growing Concerns over Public Safety during Upcoming Large-Scale Events Highlights the Benefits of Utilizing Private Security, notes Spear Security Inc."
June 23, 2016

Media "Article on Denver Crime Hike Highlights the Increased Need for Private Security Officers, Says Spear Security Inc."
March. 9, 2016

spearsecuritydenver "Article on U.S. Security Ramp Up Highlights the Need for Public and Private Security Officers, Says Spear Security Inc."
November. 27, 2015

spearsecuritydenver "Article on New Orleans Security Force Highlights the Abilities and Flexibility of Private Security, says Spear Security Inc."
August. 27, 2015

spearsecuritydenver "Editorial on Recent Texas Pool Party Police Conduct Highlights the Need for Accountability and Professionalism, Says Spear Security Inc."
June. 26, 2015

spearsecuritydenver "Spear Security Provides More than a Ghost of a Chance to Stay Safe this Halloween"
Oct. 27, 2014

spearsecuritydenver "Upcoming Holidays Will Mean Greater Need for Denver-area Security"
Oct. 9, 2014

spearsecuritydenver "Stay Safe this St. Patrick's Day with Spear Security, Inc."
March 18, 2013

kvor "Ongoing Denver Police Department Reorganization Underlines Usefulness of Private Firms, Says Spear Security"
Sep 26, 2012

spear "Colorado Tenants Feel Safer When Managers Hire Courtesy Patrol from Spear Security"
March 13, 2012

spear "Ring in the New Year With Top-of-the-Line Security"
Jan. 10, 2012