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Spear Security Inc.
  2180 E. 68th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80229
Tel No. (303)298-8373
Fax No. (303) 298-8375
Person In-Charge: Shane Hughes
Operation Manager: TJ Hughes

Security Services Denver

Spear Security Inc. is fully insured, licensed, bonded, and qualified to provide security services in Denver for all ranges of needs. Our company's positive reputation has been cultivated through our dedication to trustworthy, prompt, reliable, and valuable security services in Denver. One of the amazing things about the city of Denver is all the different opportunities it presents for entertainment, business, sightseeing, and productive living. However, just like with any other major metropolis, Denver's considerably large population inevitably gives way to a certain degree of poverty, theft, violence and general crime. It is naïve to think that all crime can be eradicated, but there is a way to live well and protect yourself with our security company in Colorado.

Whether security is needed for an important company banquet or as a safety escort for sensitive assets, our tactically trained security personnel and our wealth of resources will act as a solid means of protection for the things that matter to you. Please call us today for more information on how we can best cater to your private security needs.

Security Guard Company Colorado

Spear Security Inc. is the leading security guard company in Colorado. With our office based in Denver, Spear Security Inc. has a statewide security patrol service presence that enables us to give our clients comprehensive security coverage. Our security patrol services in Colorado are one of the most popular offerings in most Colorado locations. Spear Security Inc. provides security patrol services to many well-known businesses, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, education facilities, hotels and construction sites. In Colorado security patrol services are critical for a number of reasons including theft prevention, vandalism prevention, safety of workers and customers, and crime deterrent.

The value that a security patrol service in Colorado brings to your business is tremendous - not only for every thief or vandal who is detoured, but also for every criminals whose bad intentions were diffused as soon as they spot our security patrol team. Colorado hospitals, construction sites, convenience stores and shopping centers in particular benefit from our services. Our security guard company in Colorado are completely scalable for your business, and security packages can be customized to fit your business' needs. Security patrol service can be as minimal as one of our professionals keeping watch on your construction site after hours to an entire team of security professionals who work in harmony to make sure all security bases are covered, and to ensure everything and everyone inside your building or site are safe and sound.

Private Security Services Denver

Private security services in Denver are a necessity for many individuals, businesses, and institutions.  As a major metropolitan city, Denver has its share of crime, violence, and occasionally disorderly conduct.  In order to protect your business, family, or events from these dangerous scenarios, hiring private security guard  is a terrific solution.  Private security services in Denver offer the professional security representation to protect your business or home and deter violent actions.  Private security services in Denver can range from crowd control at an event to check-in monitoring at an exclusive club, to personal protection for a VIP or celebrity. Our security company in Colorado helps ensure you and your guests are protected and that any event will be a success.

Spear Security Inc. is a leader in private security services.  Their professional and well-trained staff can handle any type of private security requirement.  Whether the need is for a night watchman at a factory, a personal escort to a high crime area or a discrete security guard at an event, Spear Security Inc. can fulfill your private security service needs in Denver. Spear Security Inc. agents are punctual, efficient, discrete, and always reliable.  Spear Security Inc. has over 20 years of experience with private security services in Denver and can offer you free consultation to determine what security package best fits your needs.  Spear Security Inc. will work to customize a security arrangement that will best benefit you and your Denver business.