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Business Security Management Colorado

Protecting property, products, and assets is a concern for countless merchants and business owners across Colorado, which is why one of the most common reasons clients employ Spear Security Inc. is for business security management in Colorado. Our staff of seasoned security personnel is extensively trained in emergency tactics and alert monitoring in order to take control of imminent or existing threats to your business, whether it's vandalim, theft, or violence.

When you hire Spear Security Inc., everything is done to ensure protection of your assets. This may include extra measures such as use of patrol vehicles, private investigation, communication, and daily supervision to ensure our staff is professional, presentable, and knowledgeable to service your needs.

Besides security management in Colorado, we also offer security and monitoring for events, parties, malls, hotels, venues, and much more. Please call us and speak to one of our friendly consultants in order to get more information as to how our security services can benefit your specific needs.

Security Guard Services Denver

Spear Security Inc. has a team of highly trained security personnel who are qualified to service your security needs. Our services are ideal for both corporate and personal needs, and have provided security services from hospitals, charity events, educational facilities, hotels, and high profile corporate and or private events. Along with a prescheduled, regular duty type of service, our security guards are also available to be on call for rapid response situations that may arise with our clients. We have a twenty-four hour a day response window, meaning that our clients can speak with a representative 24 hours a day for any needs they may have.

Our security guards are complete professionals who provide a sharp, high profile appearance, a discreet, low profile attitude and qualified, rapid response should a security breach occur. The men and women on our security guard service Denver team are highly trained, and continue their on the job training regularly to make sure they are always prepared to handle the most current situations. Additionally, we provide a vehicle field supervisor for our security guard teams who serves as an experienced point of contact to organize the security effort. Regardless of your security guard needs, our Colorado team is skilled and ready to provide for you and your company.


Security guard services in Denver are a critical service for businesses and warehouses to have. Security guard services protects an owner from losing valuable assets to theft or having their property, plant, or equipment vandalized.  Security guard services protect businesses and individuals from Denver criminal subculture that prey on facilities and business that are left unguarded.  Many criminals scope out a building or business before they decide to rob it in order to see if they have security guard services.  Those business and buildings that employ security guard services in Denver are much less likely to be vandalized or targeting by criminal activity.  Because of this, having security guard service is a great deterrent for criminals.  In addition to deterrence, security guard services can maintain order among employees and customers.  Security guards can ensure unruly behavior is not allowed on your business' premises.  Whether it is an irate customer or angry employee, a security guard can defuse most situations and detour agitated individuals from your property and place of business.

Spear Security Inc. is a trusted name in Denver security guard services.  Our professionally trained and reliable security guards and management staff ensure you are receiving the best security services.  Spear Security Inc. has been a Denver staple for over a decade and provides excellent security guard services for both business owners and individuals in the area.


Spear Security Inc. offers clients a number of general security services including corporate security service, armed guards, unarmed security guards, event security service and private security service. Some of our most common general security service functions include nighttime security guards at hospitals, hotels, construction sites and warehouses. The Spear Security Inc. guards are always alert, professional and attentive, and will make note of any situation that is out of the ordinary. This will enable our corporate and business security clients to stay on top of all important security issues, large and small.


Our commitment to all of our security services has helped us expand from serving only Denver to other major Colorado's cities as well. We also provide our security services to other states, including California, to accommodate our clients who require security for their businesses or residences in that area. Spear Security Inc. has been providing security services to clients for over sixteen years. Founded by Peter Gerami in 1991, Spear Security's number one goal is outstanding customer service. We have been able to grow and flourish as a security company thanks to this commitment as well as our continued loyal service.