Security Services for Peace Of Mind

There’s no getting around it – taking advantage of a leading security firm can really put your mind at ease. At Spear Security Inc., we provide the most extensive service for all of your security and protection needs. We cover everything from corporate to private protection so that you can have a peace of mind, wherever you are.

Our premier security guard services feature some of the most highly skilled and extremely experienced guards and escorts. When you or your business requires round the clock security, we’ve got you covered. Our highly experienced team of guards have all been thoroughly screened and extensively trained in order to be fully prepared and respond to potential threats in a swift and discrete manner at all times. You can rely on our crack team of security experts and technology to keep you or your clients and employees safe.

Additionally, our fully insured and licensed security services also feature top of the line surveillance equipment and technology. At Spear Security Inc., we equip our team with the most technologically advanced devices and fully functioning patrol vehicles to ensure that safety is achieved effectively and inconspicuously.

That’s not all, our outstanding security patrol service is ideal if you need a large area to be covered such as a residential or business complex. Maintaining a regular presence in these properties not only significantly discourages criminal activity and unwanted visitors, it also provides top notch protection in the event of a robbery or other life-threatening emergency.

Under our watchful eye, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you’re fully protected.  That’s what Spear Security Inc. is all about.