Fire Watch Services

A fire watch security guard adds a layer of protection to your company’s worksite that safeguards your personnel and assets from nonhuman threats. At Spear Security, we provide fire watch patrols in addition to our traditional security services in Denver, giving your firm blanket protection against a wide array of potential dangers.

Fire watch services are essential for construction sites that are filled with hazardous materials and combustibles, especially during colder months where space heaters may be commonly used. Fires cause substantial damage every year to construction sites and can rapidly escalate to not only include your property but the properties of those around you as well. This can potentially make your firm or contractors liable for an even bigger disaster, creating a monumental headache that brings projects to a complete halt – sometimes permanently. As a security guard service that also specializes in fire watch, our security firm offers unparalleled protection that will keep you worry-free about the fire safety of your site 24/7, every day of the year.

Why is Fire Watch Essential?

As previously stated, fires routinely scorch construction sites and cause millions of dollars of damage every year. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 3820 construction site fires between 2011 and 2015, resulting in 3 civilian deaths, 49 civilian injuries, 232 firefighter injuries, and almost $200 million in direct property loss. The NFPA also states that just between two major fires in Massachusetts, they caused an estimated $140 million in property loss in 2017. Those numbers only looked at property loss and didn’t even begin to touch on other damages.

Having an extra layer of security dedicated to fire watch is a very necessary step in helping to prevent fires at your site. The reality is that people, no matter how well trained and skilled, are still prone to errors, which can be disastrous when heavy machinery, dangerous chemicals, and easily ignitable ingredients are involved. Having personnel on-site for the sole purpose of fire watch and prevention can at worst minimize the damage of a fire, perhaps keeping it isolated to a small area, and at best prevent a fire altogether.

Fire watch patrols at Spear Security aren’t just there to combat fires either. As trained security guards, they continue to provide deterrence and rapid response that always meets expectations.

Trust Spear Security

When you choose Spear Security to watch over your property, you’re trusting experts with decades of experience, the best training, and state of the art equipment. Our commitment to our clients is without compromise and we are available at all hours, every single day. We place a high value on deterrence and remain ever vigilant against both manmade and natural threats, but without jeopardizing our clients’ daily operations.

Reach Out for Safety

The threat of a fire is ever-present – and so are we. For more information on any of our services, reach out to Spear Security Inc. via the contact page or call us at the number on your screen to speak with our helpful customer service agents.