Spear Security Inc. Provides First-rate Security Patrol Services

Whether you live in an urban, suburban or rural area, the safety of yourself and your loved ones is always your first priority. That’s why, for years, Spear Security Inc. has provided first-rate security patrol services throughout the Denver area. We work to ensure all citizens can feel secure and sleep easy, knowing their safety is in the hands of the finest trained professionals.

Our services extend across a wide variety of locations, including industrial, commercial, residential, retail, schools hospitals and many other areas where safety is paramount. When you hire Spear Security, you’ll find a team that is experienced in every aspect of security. Each Colorado security guard at Spear Security is highly trained to be prepared for any type of security issue, but also a courteous, helpful and respectful professional.

While many security companies focus on safety for major events, at Spear Security Inc. we understand that unfortunate incidents can happen every day. That’s why we offer our acclaimed courtesy patrol for suburban housing complexes, education facilities, supermarkets, or any other area where citizens could benefit from our top-notch security professionals. Our patrol services has proven effective in deterring unsavory activities like theft, vandalism and other crime while maintaining the general security of the local population.

Whether you’re looking for security for your residential neighborhood, corporate facility, retail space, or any number of other potentially vulnerable areas, contact Spear Security Inc. today. We even offer a 24 hour response, ensuring you’ll be put in touch with one of our helpful and knowledgeable specialists, no matter when you require our protection and security services.