Professional Security Services Offered from Spear Security

For decades, Spear Security has provided the safety and security Denver residents know they can count on. As a fully licensed, insured and bonded service provider, our security services come with the guarantee of professionalism, a commitment to service, and total dedication to our clients. At Spear Security, we offer a number of options for private security, from general security services throughout Denver to security for corporate events requiring the utmost safety and privacy.

Our courtesy patrol is recognized for their effective use in and around Denver’s gated communities, shopping malls, retail spaces, industrial warehouses, condominiums, apartment complexes and schools, among other potentially vulnerable spaces. While the personnel of Spear Security’s courtesy patrol are trained to take swift action in the event of any dangerous incident, they also strive to remain personable and polite when all is well.

At Spear Security we can be certain of the professionalism of our staff because we only hire top escorts and guards with proven experience in tactical response, communication and professional conduct. Offering 24-hour response times, 7 days per week, it’s no wonder we at Spear Security take pride in our work. While we all hope to never experience a day when the lives of our loved ones are put at risk, we also realize that incidents unfortunately do occur. In an uncertain world, Spear Security, allows you to rest easy, secure in the knowledge that our personnel are on your side. For a request proposal or any other questions, contact us at (303) 658-9951 or visit for more information.