A Courtesy Patrol Colorado Businesses Can Trust

A courtesy patrol in Colorado – or anywhere else -- works best when it is both highly visible and low profile. This might seem like a contradiction, but it’s a balance that we at Spear Security Inc. work very hard to achieve.

After all, not everybody has the same reaction to a uniformed security officer. Obviously, potential wrong doers would really prefer not to see one, which is a good thing, while many law-abiding individuals might feel considerably safer knowing a vehicular patrol is about. However, some innocent visitors may have some degree of trepidation when observing security personnel, particularly if they are concerned that a dangerous event may be in progress. Here at Spear Security Inc., we believe in a low-key approach that allows law abiding individuals on a commercial or residential property to calmly go about their business, while we focus on the important work of protecting lives and property.

The role of courtesy patrols obviously differs from security guards either on foot or stationed at an entryway or some other key location. Mobility allows us to ensure that the entire property is secure in a relatively speedy fashion. It also allows us to quickly respond to calls from occupants if any kind of situation should arise. Moreover, the highly visible presence of a marked car with security personnel in it can often be all that is needed to dissuade potential wrongdoers from targeting a residential or commercial property. Best of all, we can do it all in a low-key, friendly, and responsible way that puts the needs of customers, workers, and occupants first.

To find out more about what Spear Security Inc. and a courtesy patrol in Colorado can do for your commercial or residential property, contact us today by e-mail or telephone.