Full Range of Security Services

The Full Range of Security Services

In Denver, Colorado and beyond, being able to feel safe and secure is an essential for maintaining a happy and productive lifestyle. Ideally, the police forces that patrol our streets should be enough to protect us from crime and those who would do us harm. Unfortunately, in a city like Denver, in many areas police are spread thin, and criminals know they can strike and flee the scene before the authorities have the chance to respond. For that reason, businesses and residences alike often invest in Denver security guards to add a much needed layer of protection.

At Spear Security, as a major security service in Denver that’s where we come in. Our highly trained team are hand selected as veterans of security and enforcement. We only employ the most experienced personnel, and our guards are highly trained to be able to respond to any situation as well as recognize and diffuse difficulties before they arise. Spear security is able to operate comfortable in a wide range of roles including events, industrial sites, residential areas, patrols, personal protection and risk assessment. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company, and equip our team of professionals with the most cutting edge technology and resources to help ensure they get the job done while protecting you and your assets. Our team knows how to work closely with clients, to build positive relationships so that our customers will always feel safer and at ease with our presence, and never the opposite. If you’re ready to experience the benefit and comfort of having highly experienced security in Denver, our team is standing by.