Security Services You Can Rely On

When you run a business, you hold a lot of responsibility. But, as any good leader knows, delegating important responsibilities is sometimes necessary. The safety of your property and the people who work for you is enormously essential to the health of your company and, at Spear Security, we offer a long list of security services that are perfectly suited to many different types of businesses, from small shops to large residential properties. We can design your security plan to fit your needs so that you get exactly the sort of security you need to protect your livelihood.

Spear Security is the top resource for security guard services in the business. We have the leading, trained security guards, who are dedicated to protecting you and what you hold dear. We offer both armed and unarmed guards, depending on your particular needs. For over 20 years, Spear Security has protected neighborhoods, industrial, and commercial areas, as well as business and personal events, from all kinds of hazards. With 24 hour a day, 7 days a week protection, you can rest at night knowing that you have the finest team in private security on your side.

The private security patrol of Spear Security has protected hospitals, retail spaces, shopping malls, gated communities, apartment complexes, schools, and much more. With our experience protecting many different types of spaces, you know you can trust us with all of your security needs. Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can protect lives and livelihoods.