Security Guard Services from Professionals You Can Count On

When you have a business or large property, you want only the best security guard services. At Spear Security Inc., we only hire the most dedicated personnel before further training, equipping, and deploying our guards as top tier members of a highly professional security team. As a versatile outfit, we offer security for corporations, events, and construction sites – and can perform a variety of different security operations including VIP escort, crowd control, and more.

Our security guard company uses the very latest surveillance and communications equipment while employing cutting edge tactics in both de-escalation and more proactive work if needed. Our first response is always geared towards calming potential threats before they have the opportunity to evolve into more serious situations. However, if worst comes to worst, our teams are ready to handle tough situations. That being said, simply having visible security personnel on hand is nearly always more than enough to deter would-be criminals or troublemakers. The possibility of being caught or identified usually frightens petty criminals who are likely to move on to target unguarded locations. Of course, guarding any location is not helpful if security teams impede daily operations for your site. That is why our teams are instructed to maintain a highly-visible yet out-of-the-way presence.

To inquire more about our services, simply call the number on your screen or visit our contact page for additional information. We are available 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year. Criminals and troublemakers rarely rest and neither do we.