Security Companies in Colorado are Not All the Same

Spear Security Denver is among the best security companies in Colorado, providing top tier protection and threat monitoring for corporate events as well as general security for facilities and assets. Spear Security has been in operation for over two decades, providing security for countless events and properties.

When a client hires Spear Security, they are getting a security guard company that equips its teams with patrol vehicles and state-of-the-art communications and surveillance equipment. Clients can focus on their own operations and business while Spear Security focuses on maintaining a highly visible presence so as to deter potential criminal and/or disorderly conduct. In most cases, further action is not required, but sometimes a security situation requires more than just visibility. In cases such as these, it’s important to have a security detail that can either deescalate or neutralize a threat before anyone is endangered or damage to property occurs. Spear Security’s security guards are well trained to be ready for any situation.

Beyond potentially dangerous situations, Spear Security personnel are also expected to be professional in demeanor, courteous, and punctual at all times. While ensuring the safety of people and property is always of the utmost importance, lowering our level of professionalism and customer service is not a compromise Spear Security is willing to make. Naturally, Spear Security offers 24-hour response for the peace of mind of its clients.

For more detailed information, potential clients are encouraged to visit Spear Security Inc. contact page or to call the number at the top right of the screen.