Keeping Communities Safe

By offering security services Denver residents count on to keep their local businesses and communities safe, Spear Security Inc. aims to do our part to make our city as secure as possible. While police forces often do an admirable job of maintaining order in a great many situations, funding or training problems may leave some gaps in areas where security is still crucial. It is our job to fill these gaps.

Our Denver security guards are both discrete and highly trained so that they can make sure that our clients are safe and secure, while not getting in the way of their plans. This is especially important for clients looking to take advantage of our special event security details, which can guard corporate or otherwise high-profile events and figures. Our security officers are trained to strike a delicate balance between blending in to ensure the event can go on unburdened, and being meticulous to confirm that no security concerns ever slip through the cracks.

Our security services are very popular with businesses that need to be certain that their offices will be safe and secure when the company closes for the night, but also with neighborhood committees who may want to be proactive about their neighborhood’s security if they live in an area with an insufficient police presence or other security lapses that may make them vulnerable. Those that need a courtesy patrol in Denver to protect their families and property shouldn’t hesitate to call us to see exactly what sorts of services we can provide.