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Executive Protection Colorado

There is an old saying that goes, “What you can’t protect, you haven’t earned.” Security is the most important part of maintaining your company, family or property, but it’s often ignored. At Spear security, we are always developing tactics and training to stay ahead of the field. That means we’re ahead of the threats and ahead of the competition. Consequently our polite personnel and our history of success make us the obvious choice for executive protection.

We’ve focused on hiring the best security guards, but what’s more we’ve made sure they’re trained to interface with clients, not just handle threats. Intimidation is the right tactic in a small number of cases, but too many security companies rely too heavily on intimidation, and end up intimidating the client. We believe putting the client at ease is what makes them feel secure. That’s why our specialists are respectful and personable. This is part of what sets Spear Security apart from other companies offering executive protection in Colorado.

If you look into our history, you’ll find we’ve been doing this well over a decade. In that time, the world has changed, and the nature of the security field is somewhat different than it was when we were founded. Our company came of age at a time when technology came to the forefront of everyday life, and we understand what this can mean. Ask us about the way in which our services have adapted to changes in the field, or ask us your general questions about executive protection in Colorado.

Denver office: 2180 East 68th Avenue Denver, CO 80229
Los Angeles office: 1642 North Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028
California Private Patrol Operator License #: 14860