Event Security in Denver: Planning for a Safe and Successful Event

Spear Security Inc. offers event security in Denver that keeps property and lives safe and protected. There are four aspects to our event security offering that has our clients returning event after event: complete planning, the best equipment, crowd control, and safeguarding against external threats.

Before events occur we work with organizers to plan out as many of an event’s security needs as possible. This may include security checkpoints before entry to an event, watching exposed property and equipment before the event is underway, etc.

Our equipment is another reason we are among the best providers of event security in Colorado. As modern security technology advances, it’s our job to keep up with it. We use the best surveillance and communications technology available on the market and more importantly, train our security teams how to properly use it.

Crowd control is an important factor in any event as well. Losing control of a crowd can often be much more dangerous than a trigger event. Having security that can adequately monitor and maintain order in a crowd can keep events safe and protect property and lives.

Finally, while most security threats at events occur internally, there is always the risk that outside elements may seek to harm an event in some way or guests may become unruly. At Spear Security, we are always ready for this possibility with a combination of years of experience and expert security training in de-escalation and neutralization tactics.

We maintain a rigorous standard of excellence at Spear Security Inc. because we know how important it is for events to go safely and smoothly. For more information on our services, including security management and corporate security, please visit our contact page or call the number on your screen.