Denver Security Services

Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire United States. That’s obviously a good thing for the local economy and for all Denverites, but Spear Security Inc. understands that rapid growth can come with a serious price tag. As more and more newcomers from all 50 states arrive in Denver and join various communities that contribute a great deal to our city, some of them will also unfortunately be joining the local criminal community – which is less about contributing and more about subtracting.

As skilled professionals protecting Denver companies and individuals since 1994, our team has been providing the very best in professional security services to a wide cross-section of businesses, institutions, and individuals. Whether you require well trained and disciplined security guards to ensure safety at a high-traffic building or large public event, or you’re in need of a team to provide courtesy patrol services at a business park or condominium or apartment complex, Spear Security Inc. is ready to place its personnel wherever they may be needed.

Personnel are crucial, but any craftsmen is only as good as his tools and it would be foolish to ignore the many advances in high technology which done so much to make modern day security services more powerful and consistent. With our distinctive blend of superb personnel and the very latest in high technology for surveillance and communication, we are able to provide consistently effective security not only at events, office buildings, and residential complexes, but also warehouses, hospitals, schools, industrial and construction sites, and more. To find out what Spear Security Inc. can to protect people and property, contact us by phone or e-mail today.